Pregnant mother practicing yoga to help childbirth easily

Pregnant mother practicing yoga to help childbirth easily

Practicing yoga can improve the position of the pelvis and spine by adjusting breathing and movements, improve physical fitness during pregnancy, and relieve psychological pressure. It is good for pregnant mothers and babies in the belly. Xiaobian recommends pregnant mothers today.Set of prenatal yoga to help you relieve prenatal tension and take care of your pregnant mother safely.

  1. Lie on your back and bend your legs step1 on your back with your back on the ground, your legs bent, and facing forward at the same time, holding your hands behind your head.

  Step2 twist your legs, insert the tandem front, and repeat 10 times.

  Step3 Bend the right leg, the right sole is completely on the ground, lift the left foot off the floor, bend and bend 90 degrees, hold the left sole with both hands, and try to lift the stairs off the ground.

  2, split the legs to reverse step1 sitting position, legs as far as possible, the tip of the toes forward, insert the left hand for alignment, insert the right hand with the toe, the body slightly forward right forward.

  Step 2 Place your left arm on the floor behind you, lower your right forearm near your right leg, and lean your body to the right.

  Step3 The left arm is placed in the front, the left hand is inserted into the outer side of the upper right, the right arm is stretched to support the ground, and placed on the right rear of the body, twisted to the right rear.

  step4 Keep your left leg straight, bend your right leg, insert your right foot into the front right, and hold your left leg firmly with your left hand.

  Step 5 Continue to twist the body until the left hand can touch the right toe, keeping the hip straight.

  3, twisted leg sitting posture twisted step1 sitting posture, legs bent, left foot stepped behind the heel, right foot into the left thigh root, left arm propped forward, right arm raised above the head and pointed to the ceiling.

  Step2 slowly tilt the tibia to the lower left, and the right arm is slightly close to the right ear.

  Step3 lower your right arm, insert your right hand into the left foot, straight forward, and twist your head to the left and rear.

  Step4 is slightly upright, insert your right hand into the upper left, and look at the floor on the left and rear.