Hot discussion on office snacks in the workplace

Hot discussion on “office snacks” in the workplace

Sitting in front of the computer, while watching with interest, eating with pleasure-eating snacks in the office, many white-collar workers have such preferences, either for relief or decompression.
In this regard, some companies opened their networks, and some companies explicitly prohibit it.
Recently, three female employees of a private company in Chongqing secretly scrambled sunflower seeds in the office during work hours. The boss fined them to eat 10 pounds of sunflower seeds before they were allowed to work.
  Is it appropriate to have a snack in the office?
Will it affect work?
What regulations does the company have?
  Women can’t eat snacks, why can men smoke?
  When a man sees a woman eating snacks during work, he always frowns, thinking that the woman’s attitude towards work is not serious.
But why can a man smoke cigarettes regardless of time and place?
In my opinion, this is no different from a woman’s snacks in form, but its essence is even worse-if imitate Zhou Libo, it is to leave yourself the feeling of living a living fairy, and let second-hand smoke fill the world-yourselfAddicted, but hurt colleagues around, why not worse?
  Of course, I’m not complaining about the three women who ate 10 pounds of seeds. It’s definitely not right to eat seeds at work. Even if I’m hungry occasionally, I can’t help but have to secretly eat it. How can I let others see it?How about?
What a detriment to the image of individuals and businesses.
Imagine a judge pulling out a few seeds from his pocket while trying a case, and then secretly picking up two “refreshing” over his head, and then read out the trial book; or, the referee on the football field while running, tricked out of his pocketPull out apples, bananas and pears and sip on two . What a weird scene.
  However, there are still many people who lack such professionalism.
I have seen that the female staff members of the museum drank sunflower seeds in the museum and turned a blind eye to the audience; the taxi driver ignored the passengers sitting in the car, took out an apple leisurely, and drunk while eating; while also watching the highwayThe toll collectors at the toll booths ignored the long queues lined up at the crossing, worked slowly with one hand, and pulled cookies out of the drawer with one hand . At that time, the “spectators” were so irritated that they could not help but want to say a word of curse.
  Therefore, I agree to ban those in the service industry from snacking during work hours.
But I also want to appeal, can you also ban men from smoking in the workplace?
  Many times, our closed office will be smoky, just because there is a smoker, everyone has to flee to the street for a walk at noon every day; after attending a dinner with a few old smoke guns, we have to fight hard to return home at night.Wash off the new hairstyles you just made during the day, and then dry the cashmere sweaters and leather jackets on the balcony, because they are covered with lingering smoke; a friend of mine who is the president ‘s secretary alsoThe senior members who participated in the meeting always smoked one by one. She was embarrassed to remind everyone that she was a pregnant woman who took minutes at the conference table. She could only be forced to apply for a transfer, and she was demoted to become an ordinary clerk who did not need to attend the high-level meeting.
  Men feel that it is taken for granted that they are tired from smoking, but this does not seem to be a good reason to poison others with second-hand smoke.
Do people who don’t smoke do not work overtime or stay up late?
  Recently, Shanghai hopes to create a smoke-free environment in many public places. Many people are not optimistic about this prospect, but I think this is a good attempt.
No smoking and no snacks.