These 4 kinds of food baby should not eat too much

These 4 kinds of food baby should not eat too much

Reminder 1: Baby should not eat more eggs. Eggs are rich in nutrients and contain lecithin that is good for brain, but baby is not suitable for eating more eggs.

  It is not advisable for infants to eat four eggs, and infants should not eat too much eggs.

  Because infants and young children have poor digestive ability, if they are allowed to eat a lot of eggs, it will not only easily cause indigestion and affect their physical health.

  Second, infants and young children before the age of half should not eat egg white.

  The development of the digestive system of babies under half-year-old is not perfect, the permeability of the intestinal wall is higher, the albumin molecules in egg white are smaller, and sometimes they can directly enter the baby’s blood through the intestinal wall, so that the baby’s body produces conductive protein moleculesAllergies, eczema, and acute measles.

  Third, it is not advisable to eat uncooked eggs.

  According to research, even unbroken eggs are easily contaminated with salmonella.

Then fry the eggs for 3 minutes, and boil the eggs for 7 minutes, otherwise harmful bacteria can easily cause bacterial poisoning of the baby.

  Fourth, children with fever should not eat eggs.

  Baby fever, egg protein can produce “extra” changes after eating, leading to an increase in the body’s transition, which is not conducive to the recovery of sick children.

  Reminder 2: Babies should not eat more oranges. Oranges contain lutein. If the baby eats too much, it is easy to produce “chlorophyll skin disease”, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and even cause bone disease.

  Oranges have a bright color, sweet and sour taste, and they look very appealing to the baby. In addition, they are rich in nutrients, so mommy often allows the baby to eat hard, as long as the baby likes it!

However, this matter is not so simple, because there are many “mummy learning” among them.

  There are too many monosaccharides in oranges, which can be easily absorbed by the small intestine, but if it is blocked in the stomach, it can easily form bloating gas and cause constipation.

Therefore, do not give your baby immediately after a full meal.

Moreover, it is not standard to give the baby before meals, because the baby’s stomach capacity is still relatively small, if eaten before meals, it will occupy a certain space.

In addition, the baby should not drink milk for 1 hour before or after eating the orange. Otherwise, the fruit acid in the orange and the protein in the milk will immediately coagulate, affecting the nutrient absorption in the orange.

  If your baby’s constitution is too hot, it is best to eat cold fruits, such as pears, watermelons, bananas, kiwis, mangoes, etc. They can defeat the fire; eating more oranges can cause fires, so it is not appropriate to eat more hot childrenorange.

  Reminder 3: Baby should not eat more lentils Lentils may cause bloating, so it is not advisable to eat more lentils.

It is best not to eat bloated and sick babies.

  Unripe lentils can easily cause poisoning. The main culprit of lentils is erythrocyte lectin, saponin and other natural toxins.

These toxins are relatively heat-resistant and can only be destroyed if they are heated to 100 ° C and continuously re-started.

The method of boiling lentils with boiling water and frying lentils with rapid fire is often not able to completely destroy the natural toxins due to short processing time and insufficient temperature for frying (cooking).

These toxins can strongly irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause human poisoning.

The family processes lentils because of the small pot and small amount, it is easy to cook and thoroughly cooked, and poisoning rarely occurs.

However, when the lentils are fried in restaurants and canteens, they have large pots and large quantities, and they are not uniformly fried.

Therefore, no matter whether eating at home or eating out, lentils try not to give too much to young children.

  Reminder 4: Baby should not eat more soy milk Soy milk is made with beans as the main raw material.

At present, soy milk sold in the market has many varieties, suitable prices, and convenient consumption, so it is very popular with consumers.

According to analysis, soy milk is rich in rich nutritional ingredients, especially rich in protein and cracked micro-element magnesium, which is converted into vitamin B1, B2, etc., which is indeed a better nutritious food.

  Soy milk contains not many varieties of sugar, calcium and vitamins.

The protein contained in soy milk is mainly vegetable protein, and soy milk contains more aluminum. Babies drink soy milk for a long time, transforming aluminum conversion in the body, affecting brain development, and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and other nutrients in milk,Good for children’s growth.

  Therefore, you should not use soymilk to feed your baby, but you should feed it with milk, especially for infants under 4 months. Soymilk should not be used instead. Soymilk can only be used as a supplement. For some reason, there is no milk for a while.When you must feed with soy milk, you should pay attention to adding a small amount of cod liver oil, adding some sugar, calcium powder (such as calcium gluconate, etc.), egg yolk, fresh fruit juice, vegetable soup and other foods in time, so the baby needs various nutrients.