Chen Hao hesitated for a moment,Grit your teeth,Still nodded gently。

“It’s almost,Hehe。”
Qin Liang is satisfied,With Chen Hao’s consistent reserve and self-respect,I can admit that I miss myself so readily in front of my own face,This is already hard to imagine,Too rare。
“Ruoxi, how are they??”
Chen Hao remembered that his best friend came。“They are also good,Go out on mission this time,Ruoxi and Murongshan both acted very bravely,Ruoxi pursued the gangsters by herself for several kilometers,Murong Shan was hit by a car driving behind while chasing the gangster,But not badly hurt,Almost now
Qin Liang briefly recounted important things。
“what!Isn’t it!”
Chen Hao asked incredulously。“to be frank,I didn’t expect them to be so brave!What a coincidence,A large group of us chased around for a long time without results,The gangster happened to be met by them accidentally,These two girls rushed up immediately,Not at all charming and weak,table
It’s exactly like two real brave and fearless warriors!”
Qin Liang said with emotion。
“I can’t believe they can do this,Especially Ruoxi,That girl used to see a lord on the ground who couldn’t bear to step on。”
Chen Hao also said with emotion。
“So this matter once again thinks that we have proved a truth;people,Can be changed。”