Wenwen wiped her tears with her other hand,“Ok”With a,Nod。

Wang Jiadong said gently:“Your task is also the most important task,Is to nurture children,Leave everything else to Dad,Trust dad,Alright?”
First104chapter Learn to face
Tears came out of Wenwen’s eyes again,She kept nodding……
Wang Jiadong picked up the bowl,Said:“Good boy,Drink the soup,Must drink,Drink if you can’t drink,My grandson’s meal,Is also his ration,It’s all in this soup,obedient,Must be strong,Take good care of the kids。”
Wenwen nodded,Sit up slowly,Shaking hands,Took the bowl from father-in-law,With tears,Drank it spoon by spoon……
This scene,It happened to be seen by Peng Changyi who led her daughter to see the baby outside the door。
After Peng Changyi came back the day before yesterday afternoon,Never left,I planned to go back today,But suddenly caught up with Wenwen to give birth,Although the minister’s family has long been prepared to welcome the grandson,But if there is nothing wrong with Wang Yuan,Wang Yuan’s accident,He wants to stay with Minister,Spend the next few days with him,So after he called Kang Bin,Didn’t go back。
originally,Peng Changyi told Shen Fang in the morning,Go to the hospital to see Wenwen at night。But Shen Fang was not very positive,It is said that the unit needs to entertain guests at night。Peng Changyi was a little angry when he heard it,Said:“If in usual,We can go a few days late or not,But not now,Let’s go to comfort their family now,Moreover,You a lesbian,Why do you always accompany the leader to entertain guests at night??Does the leader know that you have children to take care of??”Although Peng Changyi said so,But he knew in his heart,Shen Fang remembers Wenwen’s grudge against her last time。Since the last time Shen Fang and Yuan Xiaoyan met Wenwen and Ding Yi,Because Wenwen was protecting Ding Yi that day,Shen Fang choked with words,Shen Fang, who was not too broad-minded,,I’ve always had my heart for Wenwen。
Peng Changyi sees Shen Fang’s delay after get off work,Just called her,Shen Fang whistled:“I really can’t live without,Go back in two days。”
Peng Changyi said:“I’ll go home in two days,Besides, I may not be able to rush back,Now let’s go and maybe what else can we help,They’ll be fine when they get home,You can’t help if you are busy。”
Shen Fang is also a little angry,Said:“Go you go,I really don’t have time tonight。”
Peng Changyi said:“I am a big man,To see my younger brother and sister confinement?Is it plausible??Moreover,Full moon,This is a woman’s business,You let I am a big man,Does it fit?”
Shen Fang was angry when she heard it,Said:“Peng Changyi,Don’t fake it,What is suitable and inappropriate,Haven’t you never been with my sister in the hospital,Don’t let me fall,If you want to go, go by yourself,If you don’t want to go, just wait until I have a leisurely mind and time.。”Talking,on“Snapped”Hung up。
Peng Changyi is a little angry,originally,He also raised his hand,Want to fall off the microphone,But I saw my daughter Nana tilting her head beside listening to them calling,When he raised his hand holding the microphone to fall down,Peng Changyi saw his daughter’s eyes widen,And subconsciously covered his ears with his hands,While shrinking his neck,Waiting in horror for the moment he fell off the phone……