Which type of person is suitable for long-term Latin dance

Which type of person is suitable for long-term Latin dance

In recent years, long-term sports dance has developed rapidly, and many fitness methods have emerged. For staff who are busy every day, it is important to choose an appropriate fitness and entertainment method and persist in it.

I have been thinking about which type of people should choose Latin as the fitness method, and which Latin dance is more suitable. Later, I carefully observed the characteristics of the Latin dance enthusiast group and gained some superficial understanding.

  Chinese classical dance pays attention to “heart, mind, qi”, with emphasis on rigid, crisp, tough and soft.

Ballet also pays attention to qi, but it is more about the control of the bones on the body.

The Latin dance is classified as a sports dance, indicating that it not only has artistic beauty, but also has the effect of strengthening the body.

Compared to other dances, for Asians who don’t pay much attention to muscle training, long-term practice of Latin dance will exercise most of the muscles of the body, which will have a more obvious fitness effect.

  What kind of person is suitable to choose social Latin dance as a fitness method?

  Social Latin dance does not require high physical ability, and is easy to learn. It can mainly dance in the ballroom or bar to relax the nervous nerves.

People who have long adhered to social Latin dance have some common characteristics: they are willing to spend money, like social activities, like curiosity but less perseverance, and separate from dancing and prefer to focus on their career.

Needless to say about money, long-term high spending in bars is not a small number. Most of them put their careers in a more important position and only treat Latin dance as a pastime.

If you don’t like to deal with strangers, you can’t persist for a long time, such men and women.

  What kind of person is suitable for long-term competitive Latin dance?

  Competitive Latin dance requires more technical skills and complementary physical abilities, which require longer learning and practice.

If you want to persist, you must have a strong interest so that you can continue to do so when you experience frustration.

Basically, there must be a relatively radial acceleration. This is not to say that too much time. Some people’s work will put a lot of pressure on their minds. They focus on their work all day. Such people are not suitable for competitive Latin.Dance as a long-term fitness method.

Of course, those who choose competitive Latin dance must have a certain research spirit and like to explore complex things. In order to learn the five Latin dances, they can persist and improve for a long time.

However, such people may inevitably make dancing affect their lives or careers, because if the leisure time spent on dancing can improve their professional level, they can also achieve certain results.

It may be the cause of stress in life. There are fewer men than women in some people.

  What kind of person is suitable for flamenco?

  Flamenco is a very expressive dance, and its enthusiasts can be considered a niche.

This colorful dance is suitable for people with clear love and hate, rich emotions but not melancholy, people who express their emotions directly, and do not like restrained people. Only such people can challenge flamenco’s crisp beat rhythm and provocationThe dance style, strong explosive power and graceful arm movements are performed vividly.

Of course, flamenco is also a kind of long-term focused practice to achieve better mastery.