First669chapter Why do you wear Pinru clothes
The night banquet is never full。
Magnificent palace,Exquisite dishes,Decent clothes,Illuminated,Just don’t let people eat well。
Loremaster Kildas for his own purposes,Sell Eli Sandro as a personal connection to Carlos,And the Grand Magister is not disgusted with it,But need a more in-depth and detailed understanding,So it was delayed for five days。
The condemnation of Carlos by the people under his command,Eli Sandro is suspected of letting go,But as a superior ruler,The great magister understands that if you make a mistake, you must recognize the beating and stand upright.。
of course,The mistake in her eyes does not mean letting Aluriel compete with Carlos.,But belittle the alliance。
The Eastern Kingdom that was once considered a wild land,Actually has bred a giant like the Alliance,Really caught off guard。
Broken Islands is not a paradise,The environment where monsters are crowded is abnormal,But the power of each race……Ok……Except murloc,Would not be able to embarrass merchant ships,After all, it’s a good thing for everyone。
So although the news is lagging,But Elisandra still knows something about the Eastern Kingdoms。
The Eastern Kingdom in the eyes of the Grand Magister,Except Quel’Thalas,The rest of the land is a desert of civilization。
But Quel’dorei has a sun well,Cha’dorei has a dark well,There is no difference between the high elves’ policy-level choices and the Night’s Son,Are all living a small life without retreat。
Know each other’s existence,But there is no connection at all。
The Eastern Kingdom was hit,This incident that happened more than ten years ago is no secret to the upper class of Suramar,Quel’Thalas was knocked on the door without saying,Was set on fire,How can the children of the night not do this kind of jokes about distant relatives。


but,Any one of these sixteen ordinary families。

Not very powerful on the Central Plains side。
But in this Jianghu city,Even the Zhuo family,I have to treat each other respectfully。
Because of the opponent’s power,That is dozens of times more than the four major families in Jianghu City。
As for the four great families,Not to mention,How awesome is it?。
“I have something to do in Jianghu City。”
“correct,Are there any big beauties in Jianghu City??
Prepare me a big beauty。”
Young Master Jin is a horny person。
No matter where you go,Have to play with a few beauties。
This time Young Master Jin came to Jianghu City,How can you not eat a few beauties??
Hear this,Che Zhifu lying on the bed,Brainstorm。
Think of Zhuo Sihan,My own cousin,How did you treat yourself before。
Replied immediately:“Of course there is,My cousin is one of the four beauties in Jianghu City,As long as you come,I will introduce my cousin to you immediately,Let you enjoy。”
Humph!I don’t care what you are, Shao Lin,Less pigs,Less dogs,The Huang family is afraid of you too,Things i can’t get,Don’t even think about it。
Si Han,You don’t agree with my proposal, do you。


Zhang Lan panicked:“Can i have any ideas,I am a middle-aged aunt,Still let them listen to me?”

Zhen Rongrong raised her chin:“You can even enter the gate here,Why can’t I go to Shen’s family??I think your conversation is wonderful,Don’t look down on yourself。You are great。It’s late,I have to go back。Goodbye。”
Zhang Lan was ruthlessly rejected,Very upset,She can’t wait to tear Zhen Rongrong to pieces。
Zhen Rongrong quickly found Cai PR,Asked about today。
“Xiao Cai,Let me ask you something,Don’t tell me。”
Cai PR laughed:“Rongrong,I have been friends with you for so many years,Can you still trust me?”
Zhen Rongrong naturally can’t believe it,Actually, I don’t blame Cai PR,Just with age,She can’t trust everyone anymore。
“Xiao Cai,Today I chatted with a wife for a while,Her name is Zhang Lan,do you know?”
I heard Zhang Lan,Cai Gongguan’s tone became colder:“Oh,is her,She is the wife of Lu Shihong from the Lu Family Group。Their Lu family is a bit miserable now,I heard that there is still no money,The house has been collected by the bank。Lu Shihong sells women for glory,Married his daughter Lu Ling to Yuan Shu。Yuan Shu, do you know,Just play coffee,Who married him,Who’s bad。”
Zhen Rongrong has different ideas:“Maybe they would be happy,After all, Yuan Shu has money,I think Lu Shihong can bring him benefits,Otherwise, he won’t give Lu Shihong so much benefit。”
Xiao Cai disdain:“I want to fuck his daughter,I’m dead,Marry this kind of unscrupulous,How do i live。It’s very important to be a good partner in marriage,But you have to suit yourself,If you marry someone who is not reliable,That’s not asking for trouble。”
Zhen Rongrong thinks this is a bit contradictory:“You also said,Marrying has to do it right,Anyway, these rich people are also for marriage,How to divide character,As long as the other person is an individual,Just do。”
Xiao Cai mumbled:“Not anymore。I think Shen Zhiyue and Ji Yuanyuan match well。Although Shen Zhiyue is in Yuquan。Which man in the circle has no love history,He and Shanshan are obviously hype。But just his appearance,It doesn’t matter if there are more scandals。I think he and Ms. Ji are just two people,If you let Miss Ji marry Yuan Shu,Don’t you feel sick?”
Zhen Rongrong met Ji Yuanyuan,A pretty and lovely girl,As for Lu Ling,She doesn’t know。But empathy,Lu Ling’s age should not be many years from Ji Yuanyuan,So it seems,Lu Ling was really wronged by marrying Yuan Shu。
“Xiao Cai,So after Lu Ling married Yuan Shu,Is the Lu family better??”
Xiao Cai snorted:“Capitalists are very cunning,You should manage,They will manage,The main reason for the Lu family’s supplies is quality problems,Although Chinese people forget their nature,Can flip,But I heard,The Lu family is a terrible person,That’s why they can’t get up。And Yuan Shu is not a fool,He will help,But limited。I believe you understand this limitation。”


And Shen Huan shook hands with James Harden,Hands before and after handshake,Nothing,There are no chemicals——at this point,The hospital also checked,No。

and so,Almost all fans,Even Rockets fans don’t think the responsibility lies with Shen Huan。
James Harden, completely depressed,When leaving the hospital for an interview,Crying loudly。
He cried and yelled sorry to the Rockets,Sorry fans,Sorry for the city of houston。
Just give him a chance,He will do well in Los Angeles,Take back all the lost things!
James Harden was not a villain,Not like Randolph、Bowen、Players like Stockton。
He cried so emotionally,I got everyone’s forgiveness naturally。
only,Everyone understands,This round of semifinals,Want to win back from the Lakers,It’s impossible。
The best result is to win。
But how easy is it to win??
What so many superstars did not do last year,How can you James Hardenhold do it?
Including on the bus to the airport,Lakers players watching the news,The same thought。
Go home with two away wins,Already means they can prepare for the next opponent——The Golden State Warriors’ Western Conference is decisive。
Rockets,I don’t have any heart anymore。


“cut!Slag,There is a bright weapon!”

As a new age“Miyoshi Youth”,Xu Xuan saidNBAThose quarrels are weak!
“I can scold you in classical Chinese for three days,But you still don’t understand,can you?”
Xu Xuan glanced at him again with disdain。
Smart is angry!
Forcibly squeezing Xu Xuan away and killing him!
But Stoudemire is standing inside the Knicks。
Clean and neat!
Stoudemire directly pressed Smart with the ball to the ground!
“Little Overlord”mighty!
The young handsome man on the sideline frowned,No brains??Rush in like this?
Just now Smart went in to attract Stoudemire’s defense and he could completely drop the ball to Jeff in the paint.·Green,But he was so dazzled by anger that he didn’t even think of it。
In the next few rounds, Xu Xuan really didn’t fight by himself,Have been playing for teammates。
Smart played disgusting,Obviously he can rely on strength and brutal body to crush Xu Xuan,But it’s like hitting cotton with the eighteen palms of a dragon,Can’t work hard at all。


The Thunder encountered by the Pacers is not like this,But the main force!

Because the Thunder are still working hard for the playoffs,Naturally it is impossible to miss any regular season。
For both sides this is a battle of life and death!
“wow,Today’s Pacers’ starting debut is a bit strange.”
“Paul today·George started!”
In the previous games,Although pickled peppers are back,But they are all on the bench,After all, before the body state was completely restored,Pickled peppers need detailed and specific observation。
but,Nowadays,Pickled peppers,he,Started!
“Xu Xuan、George·Hill、Paul·George、West、Hibbert.Oh oh!It seems coach Vogel gave us another surprise!”
“Xu Xuan seems to be in position one today!”
“Pickled peppers starter plus Xu Xuan’s first position!Today’s Pacers’ starting lineup has made a huge change!”
Thunder coach Scott·Brooks stood on the sidelines with his arms folded,Anyone who knows him knows,Coach Scott is thinking!
It seems that the Pacer’s sudden change also caught him off guard?
Caught off guard?
This is not,Brooks was just thinking,Without Kevin·In Durant’s case,How to play this game,How to win?


Yuzina said。

When the ninja school started,Yu Nushi Nao was once defeated by a group of students who could not even be called Shinobu,Although the oil girl is releasing water,Do not,Should be released into the sea,But this group of students did not know that their teacher was releasing the sea。
therefore,After this happened,Yu Nushi Nai has lost her dignity as a teacher in front of these students。
“Big.Everyone please keep quiet。”
The squad leader Kasumi who was standing next to Yuenoshino said in a panic.,The classroom is quiet now。
“cough”Yuzina coughed embarrassingly,Then said,“This is the first time our school has left the village for a leave of absence,This is a very meaningful thing,The place to go on the school leave is the country of water,I hope everyone will be more careful during the school leave。”
Yuzina finished,The sound of communication appeared in the classroom again。
Qiu Daodie said with her cheek:“Country of water?,Speaking of Water Country,That’s the sea and seafood。”
For autumn butterflies,It is more important to eat delicious food during the school leave。
“If you go to the country of water,I think I should buy swimsuits。”
Zolena murmured to herself。
“To the country of water?,Is there really no problem?。”
Uchiha Itachi also muttered to himself,He still remembers the place once called the blood mist。
“You represent the village,To make sure you are foolproof,In the event of an accident,The suspension of school trip is terminated immediately。”
“right now,Decided to leave school and travel committee,Does anyone recommend themselves??”
The classroom became quiet instantly,Only the blogger hung on the ceiling of the classroom squeaked。
“teacher,I think the Uzumaki blogger is quite suitable for this suspension travel committee。”
“Bo people are cheerful and lively,Is the core of all students,I think he is very suitable to serve as the suspension travel committee。”
Zuo Liang Na suddenly raised her hand and said。
After hearing Zolena’s voice,Bo Ren’s face suddenly changed,Of course not because of hanging upside down for too long。


He is waiting to install the appliances,Do more hygiene,So chatted with Chen Lan in the yard for a while,Proposed to eat out。

Chen Lan is also welcome,So two people left the courtyard。
Doorway,Parked a white BMW car,This is Chen Lan’s car,Opened the door,The two got in the car。
Lin Dong, co-pilot,Chen Lan Driver’s Seat。
Lin Dong is a little depressed about this,With Qin Xiaomi,He is the co-pilot,With Chen Lan,He is still the co-pilot。
But in his impression,Shouldn’t the co-pilot be all beautiful women??
Why is he now a co-pilot commissioner??
Thinking of Qin Xiaomi,Look at Chen Lan again,Lin Dong is very suspicious,Is he born with the potential of a little white face。
It seems that I have to change to the back seat!
of course,These are actually Lin Dong thinking too much,How can there be so much mess in the co-pilot。
Chen Lan,Never think of these。
Not far away,Coming soon,The two got out of the car and entered the spicy lobster restaurant。
There is no private room here,Just a lobby,The two randomly found an empty table to sit down。


Qi Ruo took a closer look,Pertinent evaluation“Worthy of being the son of the Wuhun Temple!There was a lot of rumors in the Wuhun Hall yesterday,This unique temperament is really different”

Yan in the audience saw this scene,I was extremely angry“what?Join this guy,Dare to stand so close to Hu Liena!”
He has a crush on Hu Liena for a long time,If it wasn’t for his brother Xieyue,,Already confessed!
No way,I have to fix him later,Look at this little white face,Soul power is definitely not strong!
Xieyue squinted her eyes“This guy,Can’t see the fluctuation of his spirit power at all……But this guy seems……Handsome than me”
No way,I can’t allow anyone handsomer than me to come in,He glanced at Yan who was sitting next to him,Secretly“This guy can’t help it?”
Hu Liena’s brother,He knows exactly what Yan thinks about his sister!
although,Hu Liena doesn’t feel much about Yan……
Nothing,Let these two stunners take a look!
Chapter Nineteen Fight me(Ask for a recommendation ticket,Favorites)
Qi Ruo touched his beard,Then slowly“In that case,Then leave today’s lesson to you,Familiar with the martial spirit of teammates,And their respective strengths and weaknesses!”
Hu Liena,Evil moon,Yan,Has been honed for a long time,Are familiar with each other。
But now there is a new child,Then you need to re-understand,Otherwise, the tacit understanding and cooperation of the team will cause big problems in the future……
Stop talking,Didn’t wait for a few people to reply,He left the room on his own……
Hu Liena just breathed a sigh of relief,Subconsciously pulling Xu Sheng towards Xieyue……
Xieyue and Yan slowly stood up from their seats,All staring at Xu Sheng who came over blankly……
Hu Liena saw that his brother and Yan were so shameless,Smile awkwardly,“Xu Sheng,Let me introduce them to you!”


Daben is also very excited!This is the first time he defended a star so badly!It can be said that this game is completely complete,Completely became Barkley’s nemesis!A NBA50Big star,MVPPlayers at the level were thoroughly arranged by Daben in the first quarter!This is something that no one including Kobe expected,The Big Ben’s restrictions on Barkley in the last game were not so obvious,It seems that the changes in strength caused by the ups and downs of American basketball stars are really obvious,Now the big book is in120%Bloody state,And Charles Barkley may only have80%status,Just come back from injury,Plus play restraint。

The bench is competing,Ben Wallace is still firmly guarding Barkley,Barkley can score fouls with experience,But it’s very difficult to score in sports,Athletic warfare facing all aspects of physical fitness and defensive prediction superb Ben Wallace,Barkley is still playing very hard。
Fortunately, there is a trade from the sunACGreen,With Barkley to help him share part of the inside pressure,This will make the situation a little better。And Houston’s bench is a bunch of scum,What loses Sam-mark,Undrafted Matt-Brad,96Golden generation‘Second round13Number show’Randy-Livingston and more,This group of players are all defective products left by the giant deal。
Although the US NBA,Whole banknotes are better than scattered notes,A top player is more valuable than several good role players,But Houston apart from starting,The rest of the players are really hip。It’s okay when the team has no injuries,The starting five tigers can take turns to lead the bench,Especially the Big Three are very strong with substitutes。But once an injury occurs,Plus the players are in poor condition,Such a bench has become the lowest in the league。
“Three points!Dell Curry makes three points!His son Stephen Curry hopped on the sidelines!Drew a fingerOKGesture,I looked through my fingers!”
“Fisher!Fisher squeezed Randy away-Livingston!Close throw!”
“‘Big heart’Horry!Three-pointer from the corner!”
“A wave of offensive climax!The scoring explosive power of the Lakers bench far exceeds that of any team in the league,Their strength is no worse than the starters of some weak teams,Can form such a substitute group in a short time,Jerry West is too capable!Especially the team’s personnel mix is perfect,Each player has his own role,Rookie and veteran help each other,How can such a team not be strong?”
With the end of the second team,The Lakers surpassed Houston。The substitutes pulled the points difference7Minute!
Then Olajuwon will play,Campbell ate three goals in a row,Hit three in a row,Three goals in a row!Which also includes a domineering2+1。Such performance made Harris directly call a timeout。
Harris thought for a long time,Decided or not to double Olajuwon,HoustonIN-OUTSystem Alliance First,If the weak side defender is allowed to pinch the ball, Olajuwon,First of all, Olajuwon doesn’t have to attack,Can use passing to create scoring opportunities,In this way, physical energy consumption will inevitably drop drastically,Second, outside players’ or direct shot opportunities,Will activate Houston’s stalled offense。So Harris’s suspension this time can only boost morale,Let Campbell go more actively,Go around,Fight to make Olajuwon exhausted。
“Even if he10in10!Do not double!”Harris’ determination is clear to every Lakers player,Only Campbell’s face is green。He has always liked yin and yang,This match was really overshadowed by Olajuwon,Unfortunately there is no way,Only he can face Olajuwon on the inside of the Lakers。